An unknown person hacked the Discord server of the OpenSea NFT marketplace and posted a link to a phishing site. This was reported by the experts of the company PeckShield.

The announcement posted on the channel announced the collaboration of the platform with the YouTube video hosting as part of the release of the NFT limited series. Users were asked to follow a link visually similar to the real domain of the service.

The OpenSea team confirmed the hack and appealed to users:

“We are currently investigating a potential vulnerability in our Discord, please do not click on any links.”

At the time of writing, experts continue to investigate the incident. Its details and possible damage are not reported.

In February, hackers used the compromised Discord server of the Moschi Mochi NFT collection and stole 13 tokens worth $2.7 million from collector Larry Lawlit.

In March, the Rare Bears NFT project was subjected to a phishing attack through hacking Discord. Users lost 179 tokens with a total value of about $790,000.

Recall that in April, an unknown person posted a phishing link in the hacked Instagram account of the Bored Ape Yacht Club project. According to PeckShield, the hacker’s mining amounted to 765.3 ETH and 91 collectible tokens.